Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Discover Your Potential

Discover Your Potential finished yesterday (after 10 days).  We had 32 participants from the USA, Denmark and India.  The group was heaps of fun and really got into the event.  We had three community action projects during the event.  Participants went to Deep Griha, Green Tara Foundation and Maher for four days to work with the women and children at the various organisations.  Mina, Aarti and I went to visit all three organisations one day and here's a clip from our visits... 
...we also saw an elephant - cool!!!

Just 5 days before the next event starts and we have 51 participants coming from the UK and Canada.  They will be doing 5 community projects.  Will get two days off before the next event starts and totally looking forward to that!!!


Monday, 11 July 2011

Volunteers in Training

Sayali and Aarti started as Volunteers in Training with us yesterday.  We had Welcome Ceremony last night for our Discover Your Potential event.  We have 23 participants here from Denmark, USA and India.  Fun so far!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Village Visit Clip

Check out the clip Gwen made of the village visit last week...


First event of the season was great.  23 participants from USA and Canada + a group from the USA living in Japan.  The youngest participant was 11 and the oldest 50+ so lots of fun!!!

Most awesome part of the event (according to me) was the visit to Aditi learning centre and to the homes of the girls from Aditi.  The learning centre is about an hour and a half from Pune and on the way we checked out this HUGE Ganesh statue!

Also, saw interesting wildlife!!!

The girls were so gracious in welcoming us to their homes and introducing us to their families and their way of life!

Rice paddies were very cool!!!  Hope to go back there in another event later in the season.  Now getting ready for our Discover Your Potential Event that starts on Sunday with 33 participants.


Had a couple of days off between the Volunteer Training and the first event of the season and Kamini and I went 'elephant hunting'!  We didn't see any elephants but we went to this awesome park with a very cool view.  Monsoon rain makes everything sooo green!!!

We had a great picnic...

We found the place where the elephants hang out (at a different time of the day) and there's this huge statue that shows might and religion working together - interesting!!!

TheY sold great roasTed corn at the side of the road!