Monday, 29 August 2011


Assume everyone knows that I've just got back to work after a whirl wind Indian hospital experience?  Went down one night with severe pain in the belly on the right side so K said 'off to the doc' with you!  Doc says the pain is from the gall bladders site and I'd better have a scan!  Scan shows 15+ stones in the gall bladder as well as a 11cm cyst on my ovaries - unexpected joy!

Within less than a week I was in hospital seeing some specialist laprascopic surgeon who says he can take all things out in one shot and I'll be back to full health in a week!

I checked with my doc at home to make sure this guy didn't get his doc certificate from the side of a corn flake box and it seems it all needed to happen so I went for it here in India!

A very full on experience that's for sure!!!  Here's a pic of me the night before the surgery drinking this whole container of fluid full with some powder that emptied my insides out...

Then it was off to the hospital for all the usual pre-surgery checks and not lots of explanation - like why did they want me to sign a form that said when they opened me up if there were others organs that were not good they could take them also - I didn't sign this form!!! 

One of the most interesting stories to tell about the Indian hospital system is about how there's no pre-med - you just walk into the operating theatre and plonk yourself onto the table and then they start telling you all sorts of random stuff about their instruments and stuff and by that stage I just want it all to be over!!!

K stayed with me in the hospital - this is how it works in this land - relative has to stay and people came and visited so that was cool.  I had dhal and rice to eat 24 hours after the surgery and a few hours after that they let me go home.

Not the greatest car journey ever - Indian roads and all that but I got home safe and sound and now I'm back at work so go the Indian medical system!!!

Friday, 12 August 2011


Discover Your Potential II is all over.  The 51 participants from Canada and the UK had an awesome time - according to them as well as me!  It was an incredibly busy and hectic time as we conducted 5 community projects while they were here.  There's a short video about each project on our YouTube site and here's the links in case you would like to check them out...

I've got a few days off now so looking forward to chilling a little!  Here's a pic of the 51 pax and the staff at the welcome ceremony because the blog looked a bit boring without a pic! :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011


I had my very cool push bike stolen today from outside Kamini's place!  I left it for 5 mins and it was 5 mins too long!!!  If you're a Pune friend please be on the look out for it!!! :(