Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year

It's been a while since there was time for a blog post but today seems like the day.  Actually, I wanted to share this clip!

This is the year that was at Sangam in 2011 in one quick package that the Programme Team made for the Centre Team meeting and it's an excellent view of what my life was all about in 2011 so I hope you enjoy it!

The meeting was full on, exhausting, long, involved very little sleep while at the same time being incredibly fantastic!  I had been World Centre Manager for just a month on the day the meeting commenced.  Leading up to the meeting I wasn't sure that this was such a good plan but in retrospect it's the best thing ever.  It made me get my head around large complex pieces of work and also think strategically about what I want to achieve as we work together to continue to make this place an incredible experience for all who pass through the doors.  When are you coming to visit?

The day before the meeting started was my birthday and Kamini organised a party for me on the terrace at her place.  Here's some pic's of the fun...

...and yep I had a hair cut!!!

Today is republic day in India.  Margo and Tash are here and we are waiting for Kamini to get home from her flag ceremony at school (we already had ours) so that we can go on a picnic together!  I'm off today and tomorrow and looking forward to catching up with friends and sleep!