Friday, 17 February 2012


Kamini and I went to Aurangabad on the weekend.  We stayed in this fab hotel called the lemon tree that had the best swimming pool ever and a fab massage place and incredible food - thanks mum for the birthday gift!!!

We managed to drag ourselves away from the hotel and go to the Carla caves and they are absolutely amazing.  All carved over hundreds of years by buddhists, hindu's and jain's.  Such dedication, vision and commitment.  

I managed to get Kamini in to the hotel spa for her first proper foot massage ever!!!

The emu's at the road house half way between Pune and Mumbai are just totally out of place!!!

Looking forward to the next holiday together - hopefully Hongkong! :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Margo and Tash

Margo and Tash came to visit in January and I'm just getting around to putting the pic's up here!  We went in a picnic to Alandi and Talapur.  It was really awesome to be out of the city and we had a great picnic complete with salt and vinegar chips that Anne Crummy had given us when she was here - they were soooo good!  Funny the things you miss from home!

Margo was friends with a dancer called Prajakta when we was working here and I found out that she was going to be doing a performance when Margo and Tash were here so I organised for us all to go as a surprise and it was so excellent.  Prajakta is an incredible dancer.

Before Margo and Tash headed to the airport we went out for 'brunch' and enjoyed some great food and laughs together.

When are some more of you coming to visit???