Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Anika's Visit

Anika came to visit – she’s one of the old Bridport crew!  In between doing the Sangam budget for 2012/13/14 and being tied to the desk I escaped to show her some of the best Pune has to offer…

1…Aga Khan palace where Gandhi was interned by the British and where his secretary and his wife died.

2…Pavarti Hill where there’s a fab temple to the goddess Pavarti and an awesome place to see the vast city of Pune.  You walk up to the temple on steps wide enough for elephants!

3…Paper dosa dinner at one of my favourite places to eat in the city.

4…A visit to Alandi and Talapur for beautiful rivers and temples.

5…An earth hour celebration where we sat by the pool and made our own junk yard band.

6…A 60km + bike ride over huge hills, across busy highways and quiet country roads.

7…A drive and then a walk up to the Lion fort where Shavaji used to rule over Maharastra in the old days.

8…Sonu enjoyed having a house guest too!

Anika has headed off to Goa today and I’m back in the office with the budget!!!

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