Wednesday, 23 May 2012


First to London for meetings with the other World Centre Managers and catch up with staff from various departments from the bureau - very productive!  

Also managed some down time to catch up with past Sangam Volunteers but far out it was freezing!

Then it was time for leave! First stop Cambodia and my Tassie friend Al who has been working there for a couple of years.  It was great to hang with a local and we even managed some beach time.

A couple of past Sangam Tare were also in town and we went on a great bike ride together to some islands off the coast.  We really had a great day - mud included!

The Killing Fields were a bit of a challenge and really made me think about the world standing by and letting great atrocities happen to others!

Al even managed to find some Jansz for us to share - fantastic!

From Cambodia to Hong Kong to hang out with Yanny, Dale, Oliver, Asia and the dogs!  Asia and I met each other for the first time and she is extremely cute - biased auntie opinion of course!

Heading back to India tomorrow and the weekend off with Kamini before being back at work on Monday. The new season begins...

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