Sunday, 17 June 2012

New Season

Since my last post it's been work work work getting ready for the 2012/13 Sangam season. 

It's also been hot hot hot but the good thing about hot hot hot is Mango season! Check out these beauties from the Sangam trees...

...there were so many they couldn't fit into shot and they have been turned into pickle and jam for the season plus of course we're just eating them!!!

Amidst the work stuff there has been some fun. Hayley got married and we had a blast at the wedding. 

She's happy too and is having her last official day of work at Sangam tomorrow!

Also helped my friend Manisha out last weekend. She has a social enterprise called eCoexist and she put together 'the beauty of recycling' exhibition, sale and activities at FabIndia. I Kamini and I went and did some stall work for her. We met some cool people and I think I purchased more products myself than I sold!!!

Volunteer training has been going on at Sangam for the last couple of weeks. Our Guest Services Intern is from Kenya. We have four Sangam Volunteers from UK, USA, Korea and Kenya. We also have three Volunteers-In-Training from our local community. Training officially finished yesterday and tomorrow our first event guests arrive for the season - 8 guests and their tour leader from the USA. So, Sangam season 2012/13 is underway and last night the monsoon rain fell! :)

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